Mason ignored Raleigh’s first question, the answer pretty simple in his mind. Why wouldn’t he be mad? She didn’t even tell him that she was even considering calling off their arrangement, which, he didn’t really know was an arrangement at all. It just…happened and it didn’t seem to stop. At least, not until today as the Pakistani male came home to about the worst thing he could’ve thought of…Raleigh moving on.

It was her second statement that got the males blood pressure to spike. Not even thinking his actions through, Mason quickly striding over towards the petite brunette until he had her trapped against his bedroom wall. He knew what he couldn’t do for her — what he couldn’t give to her. But for her to shove it in his face as an excuse to move on was like taking a blade to the gut and feeling it graze your organs just before splitting them open.

     Yeah?! And what about what he doesn’t give you, hm!?

He gritted out angrily behind his teeth as he glared down at Raleigh.


Raleigh looked at Mason, irritated that he didn’t answer her question. It wasn’t like they were dating, which they never even could be, he had no right to be mad. But then again she thought about how she would feel if another girl was all over Mason. It made her jealous just thinking about it and she crossed her arms over her chest. 

          ❝ Why can’t you just let me have my little simple normal happy relationship? You have to make it such a fucking sitcom drama. ❞

The girl’s heart started beating quicker as he boxed her in to the wall, her back touching the cold wood, spreading goosebumps over her body. She inhaled sharply at what he said, the small bit of truth hitting her hard, and the edge to his tone brought her back to how she usually felt around him… Needy, weak, and hungry for him.

          ❝  Oh yeah and what is that?❞

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Title: Close As Strangers
Artist: 5 Seconds of Summer
Played: 186850 times


Close As Strangers // 5 Seconds of Summer // x or x or x or x (right click & save as)

full album here

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    Andy was staring up at the people dancing as she took away his beer, making him quickly turn his head to her. “Hey! I’m mine. That’s mine,” he mumbled, clumsily grabbing the bottle back from her. “You didn’t answer my question.” 

    "Sweetheart you really need to stop," Luna spoke with her soft, sophisticated accent, "you have had plenty for one night.” A sweet laugh escaped from her lips and she shook her head. “I don’t know why they wouldn’t want you… You’re pretty great.”


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Slamming his bedroom door shut, Mason tried desperately to calm the sudden rage that rushed through his system. He knew that he probably shouldn’t have been surprised, the two of them could never go public — they could never be together or do anything more than be a constant late night fuck. And now, they weren’t even that. But the Pakistani male couldn’t help but feel betrayed by his step sister.

     Get out.

He spat out harshly as he heard his bedroom door open behind him. He didn’t even need to look to know who it was standing there, her voice only proving her identity. The older male didn’t want to see her much less talk to her, not after what he just saw. So instead, he walked further into his room towards his closet. Biting down harshly on his bottom lip, Mason quickly gripped the hem of his work shirt before pulling it up and off his torso, throwing it to the floor harshly afterwards.


Raleigh expected this reaction from him, but it didn’t stop her heart from sinking with those two simple words. It wasn’t her fault that their parents were married! She wanted affection that didn’t have to be secret and hidden away behind closed doors, she was only human. Even still, no matter what boy she distracted herself with she’d pull right back to Mason. Cody, despite how much she tried to convince herself otherwise, was just a test for herself, seeing if she could really have a real relationship while Mason was around.

❝ Why are you so mad?❞  

She suddenly became angry as he walked away from her, drawing in a sharp breath as he took off his shirt. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen his toned body before, decorated with tattoos of all different style and size, but every time he showed himself to her she grew more fond, more attached, and more attracted.

❝ It’s not like you could do that with me… ever. 


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Sighing to himself, Mason slowly pulled into his family drive way, completely exhausted from a day at work. The day shift was probably the worst shift of them all — no tips, no communicating, just inventory and dealing with the boss. It was a pain in the ass but the British male managed to pull it off with ease. Little did he know that his whole day was about to be ruined. Sliding out of his car, Mason locked it quickly before making it inside, distracted by his phone.

     Hey ma. What’s for dinn—

His words were suddenly cut short as he finally averted his gaze upwards. The sight alone was enough to make the male sick, his stomach clenching up tightly against his liver. There was his sister, drapped over some random guy while his mom was endulged in whatever he was saying. His glance quickly shifted into a glare towards Raleigh, his calm and collected nature beginning to tear at the seams.

     I’ll be upstairs.

He growled out before walking up the steps, not wanting to see any of them, especially his little step sister. He didn’t understand what was going on but he knew, deep down, he wasn’t going to like it.


Raleigh felt Mason’s eyes burning into her skull as she looked everywhere but into his eyes, afraid of his reaction. Her mother was shocked as her step-brother retreated from the incredibly awkward situation, and made some comment of surprise and embarrassment for his behavior towards Cody. If only she knew that almost every night  she was on a date with Mason’s dad, Raleigh and him were between the sheets, fulfilling each other’s passionate desires.

I'll go see what's up… Probably just a bad day at work.

She spoke with a small smile as she climbed from Cody’s grasp and stepped over to the stairs, her heart beating quicker and quicker with each step on the hard wooden staircase. As she reached his room she didn’t even knock; considering the fact that she never did, and that he probably knew it was her anyway. 

I take it you don’t want any spaghetti and meatballs for dinner…

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          Raleigh sat on the living room couch snuggled closely to her new boyfriend Cody, who was currently talking to her mom about the University where he went. She never really intended on meeting, or really dating Cody, they just bumped into each other one day and hit it off; which really surprised Raleigh, considering ever since Mason and her became hookup buddies he’s been the only guy on her mind. Mason… what was she going to say to him? They began hooking up long before her mom and his father got married, and even after that happened they continued to fuck constantly, it was like a magnet was pulling them together. Just as Raleigh mid giggle at something Cody said, the door opened, stopping when it hit the wall as Mason walked into the home. Her grip on Cody’s arm tightened. “Hey,” she said casually, and somewhat awkwardly, “Where have you been?”

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// can i have a plot based off this (with a little twist ofc) but it’s where muse a finds out she had a miscarriage so she’s pretty upset since her and her husband were really expecting a baby, though she doesn’t tell her husband. in the middle of the night she’s driving in the rain and spots muse b walking alone. muse a offers him a ride and they create small talk, instantly connecting. so muse a stops at a hotel, her and muse b stay in a room. they have sex, and the next morning, muse a leaves muse b with a note saying to not try to find her and to just keep what they did a memory. muse b is really upset since he really liked her but forgets about her and focuses on the rest of his life. muse a is pregnant with his baby and since her husband doesn’t know she cheated, she pretends its his baby. about a year and a few months later, muse a goes to muse b’s job, finally reuniting with him, except this time, she has their baby. muse b recognizes his looks on a younger figure and is beyond confused. muse a tells him she’s in love with someone else and that her husband couldn’t give her what muse b gave her, a baby. muse b’s beyond angry and asks to be involved with the baby’s life, so muse a sneaks around with him and the baby and either:

  • the two muses maintain a friendship
  • muse a ends up having an affair with muse b
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i just want an incest au

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"Breaking my heart? Sweetheart, I have no heart to break."


{ ☆ } ;; ”That’s a real charming idea, but a tad unrealistic.”


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